Friday 14 February 2014

Current Projects

I came down with evil  flu last week so I have been a bit behind with my dread making and updating. But I am nearly all better now and have almost finished the current dread kit.
For this newest set I was going for an apocalyptic / rustic look so have used lots of browns and black in a variety of different textures.
I should be finished in a day or two so keep an eye out on my Facebook page / Etsy shop. Here is a preview photo

I have also been working on my dread wig from time to time, about 30 dreads done on it so far. It looks a bit crazy so far, but once I add more dreads I'm sure it will come together.

While I was out and about yesterday I checked out a new office / art supplies store on Newport Industrial Estate, WBS Everything. They had a great selection of art supplies, including some beautiful pens, which I will be adding to my collection when I go back there.
When I was leaving I spotted one of their delivery vans and had to take a photo for the slogan on the back. 'Only one biro kept in this van overnight' :) To keep us stationery addicts away haha

Also, Happy Valentines day! I would just like to thank you all for reading this blog, liking my Facebook page and shopping on my Etsy store. I couldn't do it without you guys! :)

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