Saturday 22 February 2014

About: Dread Falls

Even though having synthetic dreads installed is not permanent you may be looking to have a dread style that is a little more temporary. If you want the dread look for a day or just a night out, dread falls may be the choice for you.

Dread falls are dreads (either single or double ended dreads) attached to lace or elastic, I have also seen normal hair ties/ bands used but I generally I use the elastic method.
You can wear one fall by putting your hair up in a high bun or two falls by putting you hair into two pigtail buns and then tying the falls to them using the elastic/lace.

Icy dreads has a very good photo tutorial over on her blog on how to wear falls on pigtails HERE.
And here is a video tutorial from Leslie of Sprinkle Your Body With Naughty

After attaching your dread falls, you can also style them further.

Example of dread falls being worn, some of the dreads are styled at the back just by knotting them to create a different look. 

I styled my falls in this pic into buns, again just by knotting the dreads together. 

All of the dreads I make and sell on my shop are sold as kits to install (braid into) your hair, but I can make any of the sets into falls for no extra charge. Just send a message over with your order.

Do you wear falls? Have you got  any handy tips or tutorials?

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  1. i love these! wish i had of got some when i was younger :)

    from helen at

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