Sunday 27 October 2013

Synthetic Dread Styling

I've often had customers ask me how they can style their synthetic dreads when they have them installed but it quite hard to explain in words. But I just came across a great youtube video by Squeak Machine on how to style your synthetic dreads with no need for hair bands / elastics.

She also has a great photo tutorial on how to wash your hair while you have dreads installed, you can see that HERE.

Sunday 20 October 2013

Custom Dreads

I am currently open for custom dread orders!
You can get yourself your dream set of dreads. I have a wide range of colours to choose from and many styles (blends, transitionals, splashes, harlequins etc).
I use my own crochet textured method for making dreads. They are lightweight and very durable.

I have lots of photos of my past work to view on my Facebook page or website. If you are interested in ordering your very own dread set you can check out the listings for sale on my shop or send me an e-mail

Tuesday 15 October 2013

October Update

Hi guys! I must apologise for being a bit absent on this blog lately. I am hoping to more active here from now on :)

As usual I have pretty much been doing nothing but make dreads and the odd piece of jewellery, but that is what I like doing best!

I have been creating lots of pretty pre-made and custom made sets, that are sometimes very difficult to part with. I must have all of the dreads :p

Autumnal Dread Kit
My favourite set is a pre-made set I made for my etsy shop (they were snapped up quickly), which I based on autumnal colours. Normally natural colours are not to my own taste, but I really liked these and enjoyed making them.
I think I will make some more dread kits in the future based on inspiration photos. (e.g I based the autumnal dread kit on this image)
Do you guys have any images you would like to be turned into a dread kit?

Thursday 10 October 2013

Our 9th Birthday!

Today is the 9th birthday of Black Sunshine! It all started a little differently to how it is now but it is 9 years of our name and my time as a business owner :)
To see my previous post about Black Sunshine started out click here

To say thank to all of you guys use the code BIRTHDAY2013 at my shop to receive 30% off all orders over £10