Sunday 25 September 2011

Halloween Discount!

Get 10% off all orders from my etsy store with the code 'HALLOWEEN'

Friday 23 September 2011

Dread Overload!

Im currently not taking on any more custom dread orders until November, Im fully booked with some lovely custom orders :) If you would like to be added to the list to start in November just let me know.

I do have some pre-made dreads ready  to be shipped on my etsy store --> HERE
Including these chunky wrapped falls I added just yesterday!

I will be holding another free dread giveaway on my Facebook page when it gets to 800 likes (only 14 more to go) 

Thursday 22 September 2011

Halloween! Can you help? (it helps you too!)

As some of you may or may not know I am sponsoring this years Painless Parties Halloween Ball.
This is an evening of live music, burlesque and side show attractions here on the Isle of Wight.

(For all the details on this event please see here ->  )
We have 16 V.I.P tickets for sale. And each of those 16 people will recieve a goody bag!
So what we are looking for is donations for our goody bags. Now this can be anything from business cards/ flyers, badges, vouchers etc

I like doing things like this as it is a good (and free ) way to advertise for small business's :)

If you would like to donate just letting me know here, e-mailing me at or you can send me a private message on my profile


Amz - Black Sunshine Dreads

Monday 19 September 2011

New logo!

I recently commissioned the very talented SugarMilk to design the new Black Sunshine logo.
And she has done an awesome job! I love the lil pac man ghost hair clip and bow necklace details and the colours are awesome. Be sure to check out her page

Thursday 15 September 2011

The Boiler room Halloween Ball!

You may remember last years big Painless Parties Halloween show! Well this year there is another one for you!
Sponsered by myself, Black Sunshine Dreads, and Beat This , Painless Parties brings you 'The Boiler room Halloween Ball'! It will be on the 5th of November 2011 at St Georges Park, Isle of Wight.

Hosting this year’s event will be none other than the one & only Hel Painless
Live music comes from the Islands premier metal band Puritan Slain  

Burlesque & Boylesque (this is where people take their clothes off) performances come from
Midnight Iris
Peter Deviant Vert &
Roxy Twirls

Organ Grinder with all the fun & games of a twisted sideshow will also be on hand to turn heads & your stomach as they bring to you acts like
Walking on Broken Glass
The Human Pincushion
Bed of Nails
The Human Blockhead
Pierced Weight Lifting
The Human Dart Board

This years event is going to be more formal & this is how we are going to do it, all persons in attendance will be seated during the event, tables & chairs will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. So if you want a good seat you will have to be there early boils & ghouls

All seats are £5 per person (Standard seating will be available on the door)

How ever there will be 16 V.I.P tickets available at £10 per person which will allow you access to the event prior to the stated opening times for a meet & greet of all the performers, a small glass of something (last year it was champagne) & reserved front row table along with a goodie bag which will include a signed program of the event itself (which will not be available anywhere else)

V.I.P tickets are currently available from The Beat This drum store in Newport (IOW).

It's gonna be awesome! So we will see you there

Click HERE to view this event on Facebook

Sunday 11 September 2011

Surprise Dread offer!

I have added a new listing to my etsy store or a 'Surprise Accent Dread Kit'! This offer is perfect if you have never had dreads before and you want to give me a little try without spending out to much.
You get to choose from 10 double ended dreads or 20 single ended dreads. The surprise is the colour and style! :) If there are any colours you really would'nt like you can add that with your order.

To view this listing on my etsy store just click HERE

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask :)

Tuesday 6 September 2011

Latest Dreads

The last winner of my facebook page chose 40 SE dreads in blends of yellow, sky blue and red. At first I wasnt sure of this colour combo but I think it actually works really well.

I just finished on a pair of falls in a Halloween theme to sell on my Etsy store. These were fun to make.

I have some new custom orders to work on which is always exciting :) And two dread installs to do tomorrow! Busy! :) But I am still taking custom orders.