Tuesday 31 December 2013

Open for Business

I have re-opened my Etsy shop. You can get 25% off of your order with the code NEWYEAR (offer ends Friday).

So why not go and treat yourself to some new pretties!


You can now follow my dreading adventures on Instagram! @blacksunshinedreads

I hope you all have a great New Years eve and I will see you in 2014! 

Monday 30 December 2013

Sharing the Love: Anmorata Dread Design's

This weeks instalment of Sharing the Love features Anmorata Dread Designs.

Elizabeth of Anmorata started out making dreads for herself in 2005 because of the hassle of dealing with her own thick and unruly hair.  After a year of experimenting she started also making dreads for friends an got more business via word of mouth.
Then in 2010 started selling dreads professionally.

Anmorata specialises in both smooth twisted and knotty crocheted dreads and dread falls.  She also offers wrapped dreads and fluffy naturals.
"I love turning ideas into reality".

Besides dreads Elizabeth also enjoys making custom head dresses using natural items such as feathers, leather, crystals and animal bones.

You can find Anmorata Dread Design's on the following links:

Etsy Shop

Sunday 22 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

The Black Sunshine shop will be open again in the New Year, I will also be open for custom dread orders again. Until then, when I'm not playing with my Christmas presents or stuffing my face, I will be working on new pre-made dread kits.

I just wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas. I hope you all have an amazing time!
Are you ready for it? What part are you most looking forward too?
I *think* I am, but I'm sure I must of forgotten something, I'm never usually this organised.
My favorite part of Christmas day has to be dinner and the awful films. Oh and presents :)

Amz x

Sharing the Love: Squidhair

This weeks 'Sharing the Love' Features Squidhair from Newcastle in the UK.

Squidhair  makes and sells traditional smooth style dread kits and falls including multimedia falls which consist of cyberlox and rexlace. Supplies are also available to buy, including rexlace, plastic tubing, ribbon and more.

Sarah, the face behind Squidhair, says "I started making dreads around the start of 2007/ start of 2008 for my own personal use as I am in love with big hair! After a few frustrating tries I finally got some wearable hair. Proud, I carried on and a few friends started started asking me to make them some dreads and it carried on from there.  
I have been selling dreads for just over four years and I love it. I get to channel my creativity and passion through a medium that makes people happy and feel great about themselves and in turn it makes me feel amazing. I want to keep doing it for as long as I can!"

You can find the beautiful creations of Squidhair on the following links:

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Technology Fail

All technology I seem to even just look at at the moment breaks!
The other week it was my laptop and this week I am having problems with my iPod and the keyboard on my other half's computer no longer works. So I will have very limited internet accesses for the time being. Booo!

This means I will be closing my Etsy shop for the time being. I will have it up and running again as soon as possible and I will answer any messages and comments as soon as I can. Sorry for any inconvenience guys.

If I'm not back on the grid by next week I hope you all have a great Christmas!
Here is some Christmas cheer from my Kittens, Yoshi & Jim :)

Monday 16 December 2013

Sharing the Love: Made with Love by Kat

This weeks instalment of 'sharing the love' features Made with Love by Kat.

"I make jewellery from abandoned vintage finds - I like to think of it as sparkly recycling! I use necklaces, brooches, earrings, anything I can get my hands on, which I repair and smooth down before teaming them up with semi precious stones such as amethyst and peridot or Swarovski crystals, ribbon and pearls to make really romantic, one-of-a-kind pieces. Each item is one of a kind which I love - because of the nature of my designs incorporating the vintage finds I couldn't repeat a design even if I wanted to.

I started five years ago this month, after an attempt to make fudge as Christmas presents went stickily wrong! I decided instead to make my friends some jewellery - I'd seen pieces with lots of vintage brooches stuck together but I wanted to create something quirkier and that could be worn every day. 
I got a bit overexcited after making the first necklace, bought way too many supplies and decided I'd better set up an online shop to justify all the outlay! My work was picked up by a couple of galleries in Liverpool and Manchester very quickly and it's grown from there. "

You can check out Kat and her fantastic work on the following sites

Shop: Folksy / Etsy

Tuesday 10 December 2013

December News

I have been working on some new pre-made dreads for my Etsy shop and uploaded two new accent kits today.  A single ended set in pinks and purples and a double ended set in greens, blue and black.
I have also discounted a few of the other accent kits on my shop.
Don't forget every order  throughout December will receive a thank you discount code for 10% off of your next order!

In other news, my laptop decided to completely die on me last week ( smoke and a little bit of fire was involved). So I am having to use the misters computer when its free. I may not be able to post as often but not to fear, I'm still around :)

I'm currently closed for custom dread order until after Christmas but I am happy to answer any questions you might have about ordering a set.

It's December already!? And just 15 days until Christmas (and only 5 days until my birthday ;) )

Are you all looking forward to Christmas?

Monday 9 December 2013

Sharing the love: Mommy's Dreads

This week's sharing the love features Mommy's Dreads.
Mommy's dreads has been around for the past 2 years and creates some beautiful dreads. Her styles include wrapped, classic/ smooth and braids.

Shannon, the face behind Mommy's Dreads, started out making dreads for her daughter and fell in love with them from there. She says "dread making is my biggest passion, I love all aspects of art and I love having a job that allows for me to be and express who I truly am."

Shannon is currently working on some new styles which I can't wait to see!

Check out her Facebook page and blog for more amazing photos and info

Sunday 8 December 2013

A Christmas Gift for you

All orders made via my Etsy shop throughout December 2013 will receive a discount code for 10% off of your next order at my shop!
The discount will be valid until June 1st 2014.

Saturday 7 December 2013

The LMD Giveaway

The awesome Little Miss Delicious are running a giveaway to celebrate handmade this festive season. You can win prizes from LMD, a pastel slime necklace from myself and lots of other goodies from other handmade businesses.

To find all the info and to enter just check out the blog post HERE

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Charity dread set up for auction

Once again this year, Not Just Another Girl Dreads set up a great dread collaboration in aid of charity. Dread sellers from all over the world made and contributed dreads to this epic black rainbow set.
It is now up for auction on Ebay. All proceeds will go to buy gifts for kids part of the Angel Tree Charity.

So click HERE to view this awesome dread set and all the details, and why not bid so you can have some awesome hair and give some kids a better Christmas :)

Monday 2 December 2013

Sharing the Love: Acidrose Designs

Acidrose Designs is based in Toronto, Canada and offers custom made synthetic dread kits and falls.

Jen, the face behind Acidrose says she has always had a passion for hair styling, photography and clothing design. In 2009 she decided to combine them all and launched Acidrose Designs.

On her website she says "I believe that everyone has the right to feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin. If, through my work, I am able to help someone look in the mirror and like what they see then I am happy".

There are also hopes to expand Acidrose over the next few years, into hair accessories, jewellery and a clothing line.

You can get 15% off of your custom dread order with Acidrose Designs until December 31st.

Jen's dreads are beautiful. And the photographs of them are always creative and eye catching.

Be sure to check out Acidrose Design's work and updates on the following sites