Tuesday 10 November 2015

Mai Agerlin

A couple of months ago  was lucky enough to work with the wonderful model and artist, Mai Agerlin, She requested dreads in greys, starting with a light silvery grey to match her natural hair.

This was one of my favorite sets I  have ever made, I love the grey gradient! And Mai wears them beautifully. 

You can find more of Mais photos on Facebook and Tumblr
Horns from Nevermora

Mai and I will be collaborating again soon stay tuned for more stunning photos!

Monday 9 November 2015

Shop Update

These last few months have been super busy with Black Sunshine dread sets being sent all over the world as well as having our 11th Birthday :) 
The photo above shows all the sets available to buy and ready to be shipped over at the Etsy shop. As usual I will be adding new sets every week so make sure to like our Instagram and Facebook page for regular updates.