Friday 25 July 2014

Store update

My Etsy shop is now closed for a little while. My house move starts this weekend and there will be no internet connection for a while. Hopefully this will only be for a week or two :)
I will reply to any comments or messages as soon as I can.

While I am here, here are a couple of photos of the latest dread set I created. These got snapped up before I even finished them (after the customer saw some progress photos) and went off to their new home in America today!
This was a real fun set to make :)

Tuesday 15 July 2014


Moving day is not far away for me. I have been packing up most of our belongings slowly. Just my craft / dread room to go. I am going to need more boxes!

My Etsy shop is currently still open, this is just a heads up for when I will be closing temporarily for the move.
The last day will be Friday the 25th of July. Any orders made on the last day will be sent out on the Saturday.

As well as packing I have also been making and adding new dread sets to my shop. 
Here is one of the sets which sold super fast so you may not of seen it, it was fun to make! :)

As always if you have any suggestions for colour combos you would like to see in dread form just let me know in the comments :)

Thursday 10 July 2014

New hair do!

I have wanted to install my dreads again but to be honest its just to damn hot! So last night I decided to have my first attempt at doing a partial dread install.

I have installed about 10 double ended dreads in with my natural hair. I have braided them in mainly at the bottom of my hair and some throughout the middle and sides.

Sorry about the not so great photos, its difficult taking photos of the back of my own head :p

The black dreads are made by me and colourful dreads are made by Izzybeau.

Would anyone be interested in me posting a photo tutorial on how to get this style? If so, just let me know in the comments below :)

Thursday 3 July 2014

July News

I will very soon be moving house. We will not be moving address but our we are getting a new house. Well you see, I live in a caravan, and we will be getting a new one :) Hence the moving, not moving, confusing I know lol

I am very excited about this 'move' and can't wait to set up my new dread / craft room :) I will be posting updates along the way.

So while the move takes place I will be closing my shop down for a week or so while the move takes place and I can get set up again. I will probably be without internet connection for a while but at the moment I am unsure of the dates of when this will happen but I will keep you all updated here and on the Black Sunshine Facebook page.