Friday 28 February 2014

#HappyHandmade my Picks

Its week 53 over on the Daft Crafts #HappyHandmade link up! See it HERE

Here are my picks from this weeks great handmade items!

This little guy is just to cute! Plus I love their shop name.

I love Pokemon, and Squirtle is a cutie!

I would personally love to receive this card, I have a big soft spot for mice and rats :)

Have you joined in this weeks link up? What are your favourites? 

My Thoughts on the new Etsy Store Front Test

On the 24th of February Etsy announced a new test change to shop store fronts (see article here).
My user account has been included in this new test so my shop, and others shops I view also have the new store front changes.

The photo below shows my new store front look.

Thursday 27 February 2014

New supplies

The postman delivered  my new hair supplies today. Along with the usual synthetic hair I ordered, I also got some more of the special effects hair from Diversity Hair.

One of the new colours of Thermal Hair, Moonbeam
You can see my previous review of the thermal hair here.

Purple tinsel hair (crinkled)

I can't wait to start some new dread projects with these pretties :)

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Everyday is Caturday

Yep, everyday is Catuday for me, living with my two ninja kittens, Yoshi & Jimothi.
Today I had a to take a day out of dread making to take them to the vets for their neutering ops. I know it is a routine operation but I was nervous (and also felt a bit guilty). But after a few hours at the vets they are home and acting like nothing has happened :)

I would like to say a huge thank you to the Isle of Wight branch of Feline Welfare for all of their help.

Now, after a big sigh of relief, I can get back to the dread making! 

So who else has this crazy cat lady fever? 

Monday 24 February 2014

Sharing the Love: LS Seven

This weeks Sharing the Love post features the amazing dread maker LS Seven.
"I make synthetic dreads. Wrappy is my speciality! A style I had created all on my own. I love using lots of colour to make the sickest blends & transitionals . But I'm also more than happy to create something the on darker, or tamer-side. I'm always striving to push the limits, to do MORE! And to maintain the highest standard of quality as I do it. "
Why did you start dread making? 
" I think it's the main reason why most people start making dreads; because I couldn't afford them at the time! I had purchased a couple cheap sets off of eBay, just to be disappointed (what can you expect from cheap eBay dreads!). I've always been one for crafting, so I figured..why can't I do this??!
I also had a great fascination for wild hair. Constantly browsing through the photos on & google., I knew it was where I belonged! So many people I'm still in touch with today, I had originally met through that forum. It was a life changer. "

When did you start? 
"I mark the birth of my business on the day I signed up for eBay! May 2007. However I didn't actually start selling until that summer, around August '07. This summer will mark 7 years."
"I have been closed for custom orders since August, but I plan to reopen in June / July. Expect more surprises, more mind-melting synthetic dreads you have never thought possible! I also want to get back into dread wigs."
You can check out more photos and dreads for sale from LS Seven on the following links

Saturday 22 February 2014

About: Dread Falls

Even though having synthetic dreads installed is not permanent you may be looking to have a dread style that is a little more temporary. If you want the dread look for a day or just a night out, dread falls may be the choice for you.

Dread falls are dreads (either single or double ended dreads) attached to lace or elastic, I have also seen normal hair ties/ bands used but I generally I use the elastic method.
You can wear one fall by putting your hair up in a high bun or two falls by putting you hair into two pigtail buns and then tying the falls to them using the elastic/lace.

Icy dreads has a very good photo tutorial over on her blog on how to wear falls on pigtails HERE.
And here is a video tutorial from Leslie of Sprinkle Your Body With Naughty

After attaching your dread falls, you can also style them further.

Example of dread falls being worn, some of the dreads are styled at the back just by knotting them to create a different look. 

I styled my falls in this pic into buns, again just by knotting the dreads together. 

All of the dreads I make and sell on my shop are sold as kits to install (braid into) your hair, but I can make any of the sets into falls for no extra charge. Just send a message over with your order.

Do you wear falls? Have you got  any handy tips or tutorials?

Thursday 20 February 2014

#HappyHandmade My Picks

This week marks the one year anniversary of the #HappyHandmade link up over on the Daft Crafts website!
If you sell handmade  or enjoying buying handmade then this link up is a must for you to take part in and take a look out. Click HERE for week 52.

Here are my 3 top picks from this weeks amazing goodies!

I think this t-shirt just says it all!

Oh I wish I little again to be able to wear this magical awesome hat!

Such beautiful colours on this shawl

Do you take part in this link up too? What are your favourites?  

Monday 17 February 2014

Single & Double ended Dreads - The Difference

I often get asked what the difference  is between single and double ended dreads is, so here is a post to explain it.

Single ended dreads, also known as SE dreads, is a single dread with a loop on one end.
When it comes to installing them into your hair, you take the small section of your own hair, pull it through the loop and braid down,using the dread and separating your hair section into 2 to make the 3 pieces for braiding.
SE dreads lay flatter to your head and give more of a natural dread look, especially if your synthetic dreads match your own natural hair colour.
You typically need 70-100 single ended dreads for a full head install, but this all depends on the thickness of the dread and your own hair.
Here is a video tutorial from Doctored locks on how to install them in your hair, click here.

Example of single ended dreads installed 

Double ended dreads, also know as DE dreads, are basically 2 dreads in one. It is one dread but with two ends. When installing them you fold the dread in half and braid your own hair down the one side of the dread.
DE dreads give good volume, and helps cover the braids of your natural hair on the dreads.
Again, depending on the thickness of the synthetic dreads and your own hair, you will need 40-55 DE dreads for a full install.
A slight variation on the DE dread, is the harlequin dread. This is how I make all of my double ended dreads. It basically means it is two single ended dreads looped through each other at the end to make a double ended dread. This allows the dread to lie flatter against your head when installed. Although this varies from dread maker to dread maker, most normal DE dreads can lay perfectly flat to your head also when installed.
Another great video from Doctored Locks on how to install DE dreads, click here.

Example of double ended dreads installed 

So, which is better? It all comes down to personal preference. I personally prefer DE dreads as I find them easier to install, especially as I install my synth dreads by myself.

Which do you prefer and why?

Sunday 16 February 2014

Sharing the Love: Dare2Wear

This weeks 'Sharing the love' features dread maker, Dare2Wear.

"I make synthetic dreads, mostly twisted natural, some twisted sleek and some crochet dreads. I make dread wigs too, though not as many as I would like. I also do human hair extensions for locals, mostly with micro ring but I use other methods too, such as sewing.

I have been creating synthetic dreads for 10 years and I have been selling them for nearly as long. I made my first set for myself to wear at the 2004 Wave Gothic Treffen. I instantly got addicted! I created a few more sets for myself and people were crazy about them. It was a brand new thing in my country, Hungary.
By popular demand I started selling them and soon came the name: Dare2Wear.
At the time I was known for my super smooth, super thin, sleek dreads. It was the only style I made for many years. Later, other sellers popped up in the country and all they made was the very same style as mine, so I decided to explore more styles and offer a wider variety.
Right now Dare2Wear is specialised in twisted natural dreads; lightweight, comfortable, bendy but sturdy dreads that will last through years of wear with little or no maintenance.
After years of experience with wearing dread extensions myself I perfected this style to meet my clients' and my own high standards. I offer other styles for variety on occasion."

You can check out more photos and dreads for sale from Dare2Wear on the following links

Friday 14 February 2014

Current Projects

I came down with evil  flu last week so I have been a bit behind with my dread making and updating. But I am nearly all better now and have almost finished the current dread kit.
For this newest set I was going for an apocalyptic / rustic look so have used lots of browns and black in a variety of different textures.
I should be finished in a day or two so keep an eye out on my Facebook page / Etsy shop. Here is a preview photo

I have also been working on my dread wig from time to time, about 30 dreads done on it so far. It looks a bit crazy so far, but once I add more dreads I'm sure it will come together.

While I was out and about yesterday I checked out a new office / art supplies store on Newport Industrial Estate, WBS Everything. They had a great selection of art supplies, including some beautiful pens, which I will be adding to my collection when I go back there.
When I was leaving I spotted one of their delivery vans and had to take a photo for the slogan on the back. 'Only one biro kept in this van overnight' :) To keep us stationery addicts away haha

Also, Happy Valentines day! I would just like to thank you all for reading this blog, liking my Facebook page and shopping on my Etsy store. I couldn't do it without you guys! :)

Thursday 13 February 2014

#HappyHandmade My Picks

Here are my picks from this weeks shared items from #HappyHandmade week 51 from
You can read my previous post about this great link up here.

These little guys are so cute! 

So sweet! Makes me wish I could wear normal earrings, the downside to having stretched ears.

Because tea is everything! :)

So why not head over the link up now and add your handmade items or pick out some of your favourites! :)
Click HERE to visit the link up.

Sunday 9 February 2014

Sharing the Love: Peacock Dreams

This instalment of sharing the love features dread maker Peacock Dreams. 

"My name is Robin and my business name is Peacock Dreams. I specialize in wool dreads. I can do synthetic ones as well but working with wool is more of my style. I started my business last year after I ordered my first set of dreads and was displeased with them. It fuelled my creativity to make my own works of art. Other than making dreads, I am a full time body piercer."

I especially love the roving dreads that Robin made in the galaxy style, such amazing colours!
I'm also a big fan of her dread business name, 'Peacock Dreams', The Mighty Boosh fans will understand! :)

The Peacock Dreams Etsy Shop