Tuesday 28 January 2014

This Weeks Projects

As well as making pretty colour change dreads I have also been working on some other dread projects this week.

I started on my first dread wig, here is how it look a day or two ago .

I have since added more hair and dreads but it is no where near done. As it's my first one, I'm doing a lot of guess work but I think, hope, its going OK so far. 
I didn't invest in the best wig for a base, but I didn't want to spend out a lot in case I ended up messing it up, so this is just a trial run really. If this does go to plan ( I really really hope it does) I have some ideas for some epic dread wigs in the future!

And my last completed custom order in light pale blonde, white and black in varying lengths. Cant's wait to see these installed. 

I've also sorted out the colour combo for my next pre made dread set for my shop. Blondes, purples and pink.
Light pale blonde, baby pink, UV raspberry ice and light mauve

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