Saturday 25 January 2014

Thermal Colour Change Hair

I'm currently working on 2 of my last custom dread orders. And one of them is using the new thermal colour change hair from Diversity Hair.
This hair is more expensive and the packets smaller than normal packs of synthetic kanekalon hair, but for this effect it is totally worth it!

I have used each of the colours of the available hair, purple, blueberry, pale blue and baby pink.
The colours react and change to heat from your hands and  temperature of your surroundings.
The baby pink changes to a beige/ white, the pale blue to a icy blue/ white, blueberry to a mauve/ pink and the purple to pink. 
Blueberry and purple are 'Thermal Pilot colour' and react to heat much faster than the other two colours.
The hair is very easy to work with when it comes to back combing and crocheting.

I filmed while sealing some of the dreads with boiling water so the colour change is much more dramatic.

I've nearly finished making this set and will post pics when they are completed :)

Note: You can see the completed dreads HERE

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