Saturday 18 January 2014

Photo Theft

If you are a fan of my Facebook page you may have noticed I have been re uploading all my customer photos with water marks. I made this decision after having a couple of incidents of photo theft.

Basically other Facebook pages using photos of my work, and others, and using them to advertise their own work. For one this this is not fair on the makers of the products in the photos, we spend a lot of time and hard work making our dreads.
Secondly it is not fair on you, the customer. I would not want you spending money on a product you think you are going to get, in reality you will be getting something completely different. I'm not saying the people that take these photos to advertise their own work cannot make dreads but they will never be the same texture or style as the one pictured that they have taken from another seller.

Photo by Luci Alice Photography
Corset by Bubble Fusion

One thing I have learned over the years of dread making and buying others dreads, is that even though a similar method may be used each sellers dreads are 100% unique.

So when looking to purchase dreads, or any other handmade product, make sure you can see photos of the sellers past work. Not just customer photos but pictures of the products alone. And feedback from past customers.

I know when you are starting out as a seller it is hard to get a feedback base. But examples of your own work can go a long way.
If you check out the Hair Extension Society group on Facebook you will find they have a feedback system for a lot of dread sellers. And if you are starting out as a seller you can offer to send small samples of your work to other dread makers, this will help you build up your feedback base.

Just to add I do not mind people using my images as inspiration photos as long as it is clearly labelled as inspiration and credit is given. And it is nice to be asked first, I don't bite :)

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