Tuesday 11 March 2014

Cat Appreciation

Its no secret that I am a crazy cat lady so here is a post dedicated to the appreciation of fluffy cat friends. Recently I have started letting my two, Yoshi and Jim out in the garden to play.They do love it but I have been a nervous kitty parent letting them out into the big wide world.

So with cats on my mind I found some of my favourite feline items on etsy.com

'Cats!' by blacksunshineiow

Because cats are amazing!

Clockwork Kitty Steampunk Ca...

Cat Earrings

Cat Jewelry, My Cats, Person...

Cat Art; Cat Rules for Cat l...

Custom cat portrait pendant ...

50% OFF - Cat art Tile Ceram...

Black Cat Silhouette on Midn...

Cat Pendant Cat Necklace

Kawaii Cat Necklace, Happy C...

nirvana plus cat equals purr...

Cat Shoes - Embroidered Kitt...

Cat Pocket Mirror - Happy Ki...

Do you have any favourite cat crafts? or plans to make some? Or are you a cat enthusiast like myself, I'd love to know about your kitties :)


  1. Aww, pretty kitties! I live in the country and had a cat show up about this time last year. I kept food and water out for him and had him neutered, but when it got cold, my husband started taking daily allergy meds and the cat moved in! He adapted very well, but always wants to go outside now that it's warmer. It makes me so nervous, even though he was outdoors all along!

    1. Aw that was very kind of you to help the kitty :) I'm sure he'll playing outside knowing he has nice home to come back too.