Sunday 22 December 2013

Sharing the Love: Squidhair

This weeks 'Sharing the Love' Features Squidhair from Newcastle in the UK.

Squidhair  makes and sells traditional smooth style dread kits and falls including multimedia falls which consist of cyberlox and rexlace. Supplies are also available to buy, including rexlace, plastic tubing, ribbon and more.

Sarah, the face behind Squidhair, says "I started making dreads around the start of 2007/ start of 2008 for my own personal use as I am in love with big hair! After a few frustrating tries I finally got some wearable hair. Proud, I carried on and a few friends started started asking me to make them some dreads and it carried on from there.  
I have been selling dreads for just over four years and I love it. I get to channel my creativity and passion through a medium that makes people happy and feel great about themselves and in turn it makes me feel amazing. I want to keep doing it for as long as I can!"

You can find the beautiful creations of Squidhair on the following links:

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