Sunday 27 April 2014

Dread Info: Accent Kits

As you may see on my shop and Facebook page I often post accent dread kits.
So what is an accent dread kit? Basically it is a small amount of dreads (not a full set) to accent an existing dread set, to add to your natural dreadlocks or for a partial install with your natural hair.

For example I have a full black dread set, which I often like to add a bit of colour too. So by adding an accent kit of 10-15 dreads I can do that easily.

It is often a good ( and less costly) way to try new styles of dreads or  new makers before spending out on a full set for yourself. 

For more info on wearing dreads and other dread info check out my 'Useful Synthetic Dread Links' post HERE.

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