Tuesday 26 November 2013

Weapons of Dread Creation

I thought I would show you guys what tools I use to make my synthetic dreads.

Latch hook, felting needles, crochet hook and of course, scissors.

I go through a lot of combs which always end up snapping and breaking, but these blue ones are the best I've used over the years and are from Boots.
Both the crochet hooks and latch hooks I purchased from Ebay. No shops here on the Isle of Wight sell such small crochet hooks. I use a 0.55 mm and a 1 mm.
I get the felting needles from Oliven, a local craft shop. And yep, the felting needles are pointy and sharp and I am always missing the dread and stabbing myself. If you follow me on Instagram, you would of seen my most recent mishap with them :p

For sealing the dreads I mostly use the boiling water method and occasionally my steamer. But since I stopped making smooth synthetic dreads my steamer has been a bit redundant.

And the most important ingredient to making dreads - kanekalon synthetic hair!
I buy the majority of the kanekalon I use from Diversity Hair. There is also Cyberlox Shop and I Kick Shins.

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