Saturday 16 November 2013

My Dread Style

I first started out 8 years ago making smooth synthetic dreads ( back combed dreads which are then twisted and steam sealed) but a couple of years ago I started to dabble in more natural looking dreads. Now they are my favourite style which I specialise in.

Crochet dread texture
My dreads are still made from 100% kanekalon synthetic hair which I fully back comb, felt, crochet and then seal (multiple times) with boiling water. The result is a more natural looking very textured dread. They are lightweight, durable and easy to wear.

Blonde to off white transitional dreads

You can still have a lot of variety with these dreads not only in colours and length but in styles, which include transitional, splashed, harlequin, blended etc.
Just because they are more natural looking does not mean they have to be in natural colours! I have made many sets in pinks, blues and even rainbows :)

Kelly in her rainbow dreads

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