Thursday 21 November 2013

Useful Synthetic Dread Links

I have found many useful tutorials and forums over the years for synthetic dread making. Even after 8 years of making dreads I often look at others tutorials and tips, you can never learn to much :)

So here is a list of some of the great guides and groups I have found, whether you want to learn to make synthetic dreads or just find some more information about them.

About Dreads
  • The comprehensive synthetic dread guide - Link
  • The difference between single and double ended dreads - Link
  • Types of dread and what to look for when buying - Link
  • About dread falls - Link
  • Dread buyers guide from Rivet Licker - Link 
  • How to install double ended dreads - Link
  • How to install single ended dreads - Link
  • How to attach synthetic dreads to real dreads - Link
Dread styling / care
  • How to wash you hair with dreads installed - Link
  • Dread styling - Part 1 Link & part 2 Link
Dread Making (tutorials)
  • Doctored Locks YouTube channel  - Link
  • Rivet Licker YouTube channel - Link
Supplies  (synthetic hair, cyberlox etc.)
Synthetic Dread Communities
The synth dread communities are a great way to find dread sellers, get feedback on your work and just to connect with other like minded people.
  • Hair Extensions Forum - Link
  • Hair Extension Society on Facebook - Link 
  • Dreadlock Kingdom on Facebook - Link
  • Alternative Hair Extensions Forum - Link
Dread Makers 
Of course its not just me that makes synthetic dreads, so here are a few of my favourite makers.
  • Ls Seven - Link
  • Filthy's Synthetic Dreads - Link
  • Izzybeau - Link
  • Darcrainbow Creations - Link
  • Anouk Dread maker - Link
I will be adding to this list regularly when I come across new and informative links.
Do you have any tutorials you would like to add? Or if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment :)