Wednesday 13 November 2013

Sharing the Love: Luci Alice Photography

Model: Hélène Atsüko
Outfit: Pandora Deluxe Latex
Plugs: Sick Plugs
Luci Alice is a female photographer from the Isle of Wight who now resides in London. She does a wide range of photography work from weddings to working with experienced models and designers.

I love the concepts she has come up with as well as the amazing models she has photographed.

I have personally worked with Luci on quite a few occasions and she is absolutely lovely to work with. I'm a very shy person so being in front of a camera is not natural for me at all but Luci makes it fun and makes you feel at ease.

Luci Alice has been featured in some great publications and is definitely one to look out for!
You can check our work from Luci Alice Photography on the following links

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