Monday 24 February 2014

Sharing the Love: LS Seven

This weeks Sharing the Love post features the amazing dread maker LS Seven.
"I make synthetic dreads. Wrappy is my speciality! A style I had created all on my own. I love using lots of colour to make the sickest blends & transitionals . But I'm also more than happy to create something the on darker, or tamer-side. I'm always striving to push the limits, to do MORE! And to maintain the highest standard of quality as I do it. "
Why did you start dread making? 
" I think it's the main reason why most people start making dreads; because I couldn't afford them at the time! I had purchased a couple cheap sets off of eBay, just to be disappointed (what can you expect from cheap eBay dreads!). I've always been one for crafting, so I figured..why can't I do this??!
I also had a great fascination for wild hair. Constantly browsing through the photos on & google., I knew it was where I belonged! So many people I'm still in touch with today, I had originally met through that forum. It was a life changer. "

When did you start? 
"I mark the birth of my business on the day I signed up for eBay! May 2007. However I didn't actually start selling until that summer, around August '07. This summer will mark 7 years."
"I have been closed for custom orders since August, but I plan to reopen in June / July. Expect more surprises, more mind-melting synthetic dreads you have never thought possible! I also want to get back into dread wigs."
You can check out more photos and dreads for sale from LS Seven on the following links