Sunday 16 February 2014

Sharing the Love: Dare2Wear

This weeks 'Sharing the love' features dread maker, Dare2Wear.

"I make synthetic dreads, mostly twisted natural, some twisted sleek and some crochet dreads. I make dread wigs too, though not as many as I would like. I also do human hair extensions for locals, mostly with micro ring but I use other methods too, such as sewing.

I have been creating synthetic dreads for 10 years and I have been selling them for nearly as long. I made my first set for myself to wear at the 2004 Wave Gothic Treffen. I instantly got addicted! I created a few more sets for myself and people were crazy about them. It was a brand new thing in my country, Hungary.
By popular demand I started selling them and soon came the name: Dare2Wear.
At the time I was known for my super smooth, super thin, sleek dreads. It was the only style I made for many years. Later, other sellers popped up in the country and all they made was the very same style as mine, so I decided to explore more styles and offer a wider variety.
Right now Dare2Wear is specialised in twisted natural dreads; lightweight, comfortable, bendy but sturdy dreads that will last through years of wear with little or no maintenance.
After years of experience with wearing dread extensions myself I perfected this style to meet my clients' and my own high standards. I offer other styles for variety on occasion."

You can check out more photos and dreads for sale from Dare2Wear on the following links

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