Monday 30 December 2013

Sharing the Love: Anmorata Dread Design's

This weeks instalment of Sharing the Love features Anmorata Dread Designs.

Elizabeth of Anmorata started out making dreads for herself in 2005 because of the hassle of dealing with her own thick and unruly hair.  After a year of experimenting she started also making dreads for friends an got more business via word of mouth.
Then in 2010 started selling dreads professionally.

Anmorata specialises in both smooth twisted and knotty crocheted dreads and dread falls.  She also offers wrapped dreads and fluffy naturals.
"I love turning ideas into reality".

Besides dreads Elizabeth also enjoys making custom head dresses using natural items such as feathers, leather, crystals and animal bones.

You can find Anmorata Dread Design's on the following links:

Etsy Shop

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