Tuesday 10 December 2013

December News

I have been working on some new pre-made dreads for my Etsy shop and uploaded two new accent kits today.  A single ended set in pinks and purples and a double ended set in greens, blue and black.
I have also discounted a few of the other accent kits on my shop.
Don't forget every order  throughout December will receive a thank you discount code for 10% off of your next order!

In other news, my laptop decided to completely die on me last week ( smoke and a little bit of fire was involved). So I am having to use the misters computer when its free. I may not be able to post as often but not to fear, I'm still around :)

I'm currently closed for custom dread order until after Christmas but I am happy to answer any questions you might have about ordering a set.

It's December already!? And just 15 days until Christmas (and only 5 days until my birthday ;) )

Are you all looking forward to Christmas?

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