Tuesday 15 October 2013

October Update

Hi guys! I must apologise for being a bit absent on this blog lately. I am hoping to more active here from now on :)

As usual I have pretty much been doing nothing but make dreads and the odd piece of jewellery, but that is what I like doing best!

I have been creating lots of pretty pre-made and custom made sets, that are sometimes very difficult to part with. I must have all of the dreads :p

Autumnal Dread Kit
My favourite set is a pre-made set I made for my etsy shop (they were snapped up quickly), which I based on autumnal colours. Normally natural colours are not to my own taste, but I really liked these and enjoyed making them.
I think I will make some more dread kits in the future based on inspiration photos. (e.g I based the autumnal dread kit on this image)
Do you guys have any images you would like to be turned into a dread kit?

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