Monday 22 April 2013

Hair Pretties

Laura Aurora wearing her button hair clip.
Apart from making dread extensions and falls I also have another love for making other hair pretties! Hair clips & bows, which go great with dreads or natural hair.
I personally have a treasure trove of different hair clips, bows and bands, and I never seem to have enough!
So on my Etsy shop you will find many cute, colourful and occasionally spooky additions to add to your hair!

A popular item in my shop is the 'Giant Button Hair Clip', which is available in lots of different colours. I also recently added a version with added sparkle! Both of which have been tried & tested by the lovely alternative model Laura Aurora.

There is also a range of super cute heart hair clips, available in pastel and neon colours. If you see one you like but would like it in your own colour choice, please feel free to contact me via etsy or e-mail.

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