Saturday 20 October 2012

October fun

This is turning out to be a pretty busy month :) I do like being busy!

The other week Black Sunshine teamed up with the amazing Bubble Fusion to do a photo shoot with the very talented photographer, Luci Alice. Here are a couple of the shots, more can be seen on the Black Sunshine Facebook page.

All dreads and accessories from Black Sunshine
Corsets made by Bubble Fusion

The Black Sunshine facebook page is nearly at an amazing 2000 likes! When it hits that number I will be starting a big giveaway for a full set of custom dreads plus other goodies :)

I was also lucky enough to be featured by a great site called Daft Crafts. They help promote all handmade artists and are super friendly and nice! If you want to check out my feature and learn a bit more about my adventure with Black Sunshine over the past eight years just click HERE.

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  1. you got the best style and the coolest look I ever saw ;)