Monday 14 May 2012

The Resin Adventure

Recently I got myself some clear jewellery resin to experiment with. I waited until it was nice day so I could do it all outside, as this stuff smells! Even when I took it out of the packaging it smelt :/ (luckily once mixed & set the smell goes).

I got myself some cheap silicone ice cube moulds from the pound shop to use first off, as some of the silicone moulds Ive seen online are expensive and I didnt want to ruin them if I messed up.

Here was my first attempt. I don't think I mixed the resin and the catalyst correctly as these stayed sticky.

My second attempt turned out much better (no stickyness), and I just stuck some random things in it to experiment.

And my 3rd try with some heart silicone moulds, these came out loads better.

I was much happier with these and made one into a ring just as a prototype. Hopefully I will perfect these in the next month or so and have them up for sale as ring and necklace sets :) So keep an eye on my etsy store.

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