Thursday 6 October 2011

Chance to win dreads & help Devolution Magazine!

Dread raffle from Black Sunshine Dreads!

This is not a free raffle like my usual giveaways but it is for a good cause!

Devolution Magazine is currently having some problems and need to help to keep it going.

You can find all the info here ->!/event.php?eid=131454686956048 and you can check out their FB page

So 50% off the ticket sales will go to Devolution magazine! And the other half will pay for the hair of the winners dreads.

1st PRIZE a set of 50 double ended dreads in any length or 100 single ended dreads in any length. In any colours (up to 4)

A second prize will be added if I get enough entries.

How to enter:
- One entry costs £1 or get 10 entries for £5
- Please send the money as a GIFT and DO NOT mention raffle anywhere on paypal (they dont like them), just simply write DEVOLUTION DREADS

- Please send payment to

- Include your facebook name or comment here saying you have entered and I will message you your numbers :)

The winner will be picked at random (using on the 7th of November 2011
Worldwide shipping is included in the prize

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